A Folding Chair Made Chic

Spent a good portion of last night with the seam ripper and a good light, slowly tearing out all of my hard work on the Folding Chair Pinafore Slipcover. Called my mom on Skype and showed her my mini-disaster. She helped me find out why the 52″ strip looped instead of being well….. a strip, but that story doesn’t need to be told. Let’s just say, I figured it out and this is what it’s suppose to look like before folding in the ruffles. 

Once the pinafore strip was hemmed, things  continued to get tricky. The next step required me to iron, which wouldn’t be an issue, if I owned an ironing board. So, I improvised – used the red towel folded above and prayed hard that the heat wouldn’t damage my wood floors. The trusty red towel proved to be a good alternative to an ironing board and I was ready to start folding the pinafore strip into a ruffle. Like most things….easier said than done.

Finally got the ruffle assembled, Googled what “baste” meant, tried to figure out why I didn’t learn to baste in sewing class and successfully attached the pinafore ruffle to the chair back. I put the sewing pedal to the ground and watched as my pinafore ruffle and chair back became one. Things would have been going great, until I realized the chair back material was cut for a square backed-folding chair and not a rounded back-folding chair. Back to the seam ripper. Did some serious planning about the rest of the project and finally assembled the chair back cover – ruffle and all.

Next steps: prepare the seat and make the skirt. Thanks to numerous moments of trial and error, I was dedicated to the second half of this project going better than the first….and it did. The seat went together perfectly and the skirt attached without any major issues.

The result? A newfound confidence in my sewing, motivation to try another project, new knowledge of what it meant to do a baste stitch and a beautiful Pinafore Slipcover for my folding chair. The best part, the entire project took less than a yard of material and cost close-to-nothing. If you dare make your own Folding Chair Pinafore Slipcover, leave a comment and I’ll get you the instructions. Otherwise, if you’d like your own, but would prefer to not spend hours with your seam ripper, leave a comment and I’ll make you one for a small fee. With that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new addition to my living room and plot my next do-it-yourself project. Happy Sewing!

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One thought on “A Folding Chair Made Chic

  1. pmiller February 25, 2010 at 1:23 am Reply

    very cute, enjoyed the story. i’m thinking maybe I’ll go buy some folding chairs to have on hand, and make some trendy covers for them. thanks

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