Time To Let My Taste Buds Explore

In December of 2009 I moved from Minnesota to New York with a car full of belongings and an attitude ready to take on a new city. After a short stint in Brooklyn (three days), I settled into Murray Hill and spent two years living comfortably near a Petco, Crunch and Borders Books. Then in January of this year I  made another change and moved to the Lower East Side. It took one trip to the grocery store and a walk around the block to reassure myself I wasn’t in Murray Hill anymore. It took just about as much time for me to realize I was finally “living” in New York.

When you take away the chain stores/restaurants, add in some diversity and no longer have a doorman, life can get a lot more interesting. I’ve only lived on the Lower East Side for two months and I’ve already found a new love for coffee, taken numerous trips over the Williamsburg Bridge and learned how to make a meal out of groceries from the Bodega. But one task I haven’t conquered on the Lower East Side, let alone NYC….the huge selection of restaurants. So my goal for 2012 is to try as many new restaurants as possible and share my findings with you.

This week’s pick: Emporio – 231 Mott Street, 10013

Our experience: The ambiance is amazing and the service fast. We arrived around 6:45 and didn’t need to make a reservation. I recommend sitting in the back where you can enjoy candle light dining and a glass ceiling. We enjoyed the brussel sprouts as an appetizer with heirloom radishes, bagnacaoda, bread crumbs and bottarga, which I would definitely recommend. For our entrees Alex had one of the daily specials, a lamb bolognese pasta. I ordered the Cappellacci, a butternut squash ravioli with crispy sage and crunchy amaretto. I’m confident in saying it was one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. The portions are moderate, prepared with fresh ingredients and well put together.

In total we spent $40 each including wine, tax and tip. The experience was great and I would recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a quiet, delicious and reasonably priced Italian meal.

Check back soon for my thoughts on a Lower East Side hot spot. And, next time I’ll remember to take pictures. Bon Appetit!

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One thought on “Time To Let My Taste Buds Explore

  1. Pat Miller March 4, 2012 at 10:44 am Reply

    Sounds yummy and I could envision the restaurant setting. thanks for sharing!

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