An Easter Journey for Taylor Ham

Recently I’ve heard my roommate Alex, and several other people, talking about a “must-try” breakfast sandwich called Taylor Ham. Turns out this highly-discussed sandwich is only available in New Jersey and Philly, and apparently something “I had to try.” So for Easter Sunday my roommate and I decided we’d celebrate Jesus rising by taking a journey across the state border, under the Hudson River and into Hoboken, New Jersey. Before leaving we did some research and learned the Taylor Ham sandwich is also called a pork roll, has a long list of supporters who have moved and miss it, and the best place to get one in Hoboken is Hoboken Hot Bagels.

Hoboken Hot Bagels - 634 Washington Street

Even though it is close, I don’t go to New Jersey often and I have never been to Hoboken. I was happy to see that what everyone says is true. Hoboken  is a cute little area that is easy to get to and has great views of Manhattan. On our walk to Hoboken Hot Bagels we ran into Carlo’s Bake Shop, the bakery of TV personality Buddy from The Cake Boss. Like most tourist attractions the line to get in was down the street so we just walked by.

Just a few blocks past Carlo’s Bake Shop is Hoboken Hot Bagels. It is a small deli with fresh bagels, pastries and the famous Taylor Ham. We each ordered the Taylor Ham, Cheese and Egg Sandwich on a roll, with ketchup, salt and pepper. We enjoyed them outside on their sidewalk seating in the beautiful 60 degree weather. I’m happy to report the sandwich definitely lived up to its reputation and is something I will travel to New Jersey for again. A sort of glorified bacon, the cut of meat is a perfect addition to the traditional breakfast sandwich.

Taylor Ham Sandwich...Yum

After breakfast we walked back to the train along the river and took in amazing views of New York City. We also came across a World War 2 memorial, a statue thanking the people who have built Hoboken to what it is today and stopped to take a few “tourist pictures.”

Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building

Statue thanking those who worked to create the Hoboken Waterfront

World War 2 Memorial Remembering Residents of Hoboken Who Fought for Our Country

Me Being a Tourist With NYC in the Background

Alex Being a Tourist

After being tourists and enjoying our Taylor Ham, we took the Path train back to NYC and stopped in for dessert at Viva la Crepe. I got a traditional butter and sugar crepe and Alex ordered the Nutella crepe. Both were delicious and the perfect end to our Easter journey for Taylor Ham. Below are a few pictures of things we passed in NYC while walking home. Happy Easter!

Spring in Here!

Graffiti Near Our Apartment...Lower East Side

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