DetermiNation to End Cancer

I am a Pisces. I try my best to always give people hope. I strive to fight for something larger than myself.  I run for those who can’t. I write to share my stories and hopefully give others strength. I dream of putting an end to cancer.

I’m not one to read my horoscope or really even follow my zodiac sign, but when I saw the above quote on Pinterest, it made me stop and think. I do want to give people hope and faith. And I have a vision – a world without cancer. So maybe my sign does say something about me, or maybe not. But I do hope that through my blog, fundraising efforts and training to run the Providence Half Marathon as a runner for the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) DetermiNation team, that I will be able to give strength, hope and faith to the Garmon family. But I can’t do it alone and the response I’ve received in the past 24 hours proves that I don’t have to.

After speaking with both of my parents yesterday, I decided to pledge to raise $1,250 for the ACS in Tim’s name, our family friend who is currently fighting a brain tumor. As someone who has watched their own mother battle cancer twice, I know the importance of having friends, family and coworkers step up to show their support. As a way to show Tim and his family that we are all rooting for him, I joined the ACS DetermiNation team and sent my father an email to help me raise money in Tim’s name. Within minutes the donations, kind words and support began to come in. I was overwhelmed by the instant response, but not surprised. Tim and his family are well respected members of the communities they are a part of and three of the nicest people most of us will ever know. Last night before going to bed we had already raised $1,180, just $70 short of our goal in half a day.

This morning I woke up, put on my sneakers and ran an eight-mile training run along the East River. The temperatures are supposed to hit 100 degrees today, but nothing could stop me from completing this run. My motto has always been “run for those who can’t,” but today I was more empowered than ever. The amount of people who reached out in support of Tim fueled me through eight hot, humid and motivating miles. When I returned home I checked the fundraising page again and we were only $20 short of our goal. Just minutes later two more donations came in and as a team we had exceeded our fundraising goal ($1,250) in just 21 hours!!! In less than one day, people from all over the nation came together to help end cancer and support Tim. This has to be a record.

While we have reached our goal, we don’t have to stop here. Every donation and kind word will continue to help build our support team through the next few weeks and months. I passed along the news to Tim’s wife and she shared that words couldn’t describe their appreciation. She also asked that I thank all of you for her in this blog post.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for helping stand up against cancer and joining me to  give faith, hope and strength to the Garmons during this difficult time. Together we will help Tim beat this and we will help fund research that will one day put an end to all cancer…forever. 

Thank you to the following people for your donations and support: Michael Miller, Frank DeLellis, Nanette Robbins, Connie Ryan, Melvin Reis, Jenny Struzyk, Jerry Slavec, Gary Buda, Steve Larsen, Steve Fairbourne, Alan Johnson, John Banister, Lisa Ouellette, Nancy Hemmerly, Pat Manganaro, Jules Muszel, Pat Miller, Keith Weinzierl, Alex Strum, Charlie Miller, TJ Malone, Jenni Page and Jackie Lehmann.

Click here to visit my page for the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team – this race is a life-saving event.


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