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Run This Town With Summer Streets


Three Saturdays in August, NYC closes down one of it’s busiest streets from 7 AM to 1 PM for an event called “Summer Streets.” During this time, Park Avenue gets a short escape from stop-and-go traffic and turns into a peaceful route for New Yorkers to run, bike, walk and even rollerblade. With one week left until the Rock n’ Roll Providence Half Marathon, Summer Streets was the perfect place to finish my last “long run.”

I woke up early to try to avoid the humidity, but it is August in NYC, so the mugginess is pretty much inevitable. During rough weather, small pains and moments of laziness, I always remember why I run so many miles…I run for those who can’t. Signs with words like “Your blisters will be gone before their cancer is,” and “You know what sucks more than running in the heat? Cancer,” race through my mind every time I need a moment of strength. This seven-mile run in the NYC heat and humidity wasn’t any different.


Summer Streets was a really great experience and if you are ever in the city during it, I recommend putting on your sneakers and heading to Park Avenue. Companies like Whole Foods and Muscle Milk set up stations along the way. The stations included everything from free samples, yoga classes and¬†recycling¬†lessons. Some of other stations that caught my eye were free bike rentals, bike riding classes for kids and adults, and “rest stops” with water. My advice for running Summer Streets…bring a backpack to collect the samples.


My last long run before next weekend’s race was peaceful and reflective. As you know I’m running this race as part of the DetermiNation team in honor of our friend Tim. With the help of friends, family and many of Tim’s supporters, I raised $1,920 in his name for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The amount of support people have provided during the fundraising and training for this race has been amazing. Every step I take over the 13.1 mile race will be in thanks to Tim’s team of supporters, and will be my way of helping him fight this cancer. With fundraising races, organizations like ACS and the amazing people who step up to help, together we will find a cure.

A very special thanks to those who have donated since my last blog post: Richard Vanstrum, Mahesh Neelaknata, Barbara Connors and Greta Elmore. Without the support of so many people, this step towards helping find a cure wouldn’t be possible.


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