New Twitter Profile Options Strengthen a Company’s Online Story

My Updated Twitter Profile

I originally wrote this for my company’s blog, CCC VitalSigns, but think it is important to share across various channels. This is the year of visuals and I don’t expect that will change in 2013. In the busy world we live in today, people are looking for great images or short bursts of content and companies are taking notice. Now it’s Twitters turn.

Twitter profile pages have evolved slightly over the years, but the latest personalization options will help companies have a bigger voice in a limited space. Even with 160 characters for a bio, custom background options and a small profile image, Twitter profiles didn’t always tell a strong story. But that can all change with Twitter’s announcement yesterday that the platform got a subtle, but useful, makeover.

The major change includes an option to add a header image, similar to a cover image on Facebook. The header image sits behind your existing avatar, bio and website. The minimum dimensions are 1252×626, which allows for a pretty good size visual to unify your brand or company’s branding online. Also, regardless of the device (iPhone, Android phone, computer, etc.) your followers are using, your Twitter page will have the same look. Another positive element of the header image is, unlike Facebook cover images, there aren’t any rules (yet). So this space can be used to highlight a call-to-action, contact information or product pricing without violating Twitter’s guidelines.

One more important change for companies and brands is the increased size and positioning of images you tweet. With the avatar image moving to the right, it opens up space in the left column which allows for bigger images. Followers can now easily see photos you’ve tweeted, which is a great asset in telling a visual story.

Visuals and easy-to-digest content are becoming more and more popular among consumers. It is important that companies take this opportunity to use visuals on their social media platforms to strengthen their story. With great visuals, minimal text is needed to raise awareness, drive traffic and spark engagement. Follow the steps below and update your Twitter header today!

How to update a Twitter header:

  1. Log into your page and go to settings
  2. Click design on the left side
  3. Scroll down to “customize your own” and click “change header”
  4. Upload an image that tells a story or unifies your brand image (Minimum dimensions of 1252×626; Maximum file size of 5MB)

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